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Great to be Different

by Forest Rain (Feat. Decibelle)



We may be different, but we don't have to be alone.



It was a dark day when I lost my faith
I wasn't the pony I thought I'd be
And it seemed that no one could relate
There was nothing left to see

So I took a walk to the edge of the town
And thought of leaving it all behind
When I saw a little letter fall right out of the sky
As a grey mare hovered way up high

I thought I was crazy when I saw her wave
And then simply fly away
So I opened the letter and looked inside
And what was written made my day...

It said--

Isn't it great to be different?
Isn't it wonderful to be exactly who you are?
When you learn to start accepting yourself
You'll become a shining star

To this day the writing on that page
Is mottled by the tears I shed
Cuz at that moment something inside me changed
And a bright new path I lead

I ran back home and I picked up my old guitar
And I started strumming these chords
And I sang her words along with this song
And I heard someone sing along

And we sang--


I turned around and I saw her at my door
That cute grey mare with the wall-eyed stare
She said, "I've heard you play and sing before.
And I heard a sadness I could not bear."

"I just wanted to tell you that the hardest thing I've faced
Wasn't the teasing or the pain
It was convincing myself I wasn't stupid, strange, or lame
And helping others do the same."


These last few years flew by just like a blur
I'm now exactly where I should be
And I know I owe it all to her
The beautiful mare who believed in me~

[Chorus x 2]

You'll become a shining star (Isn't it wonderful)
You'll become a shining star (Isn't it great)

When you learn to love just who you are


released August 28, 2012
Produced and composed by Forest Rain.
Acoustic Guitar by Turquoise Splash.
Bass by Cyril the Wolf.
Mastered by Cyril the Wolf.


all rights reserved



Forest Rain Denver, Colorado

Hey! I'm Forest Rain. I produce alternative, pop/punk, and orchestral music, sing, paint, and narrate fanfictions. I love nature, art, music, and the use of technology for good!

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