Something Special

by Forest Rain



This album is a culmination of half a year of musical exploration and life experiences, painting a portrait of love, longing, introspection, melancholy, and sheer joy. "Something Special" ties together elements of orchestral, pop, and alternative, predominantly featuring original works-- both pony, and non-pony.


released July 1, 2014


all rights reserved



Forest Rain Denver, Colorado

Hey! I'm Forest Rain. I produce alternative, pop/punk, and orchestral music, sing, paint, and narrate fanfictions. I love nature, art, music, and the use of technology for good!

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Track Name: Polychromatic
Every time I see her start to fly
A rainbow comes and clears my mind
Of all the doubts and fears I had before
She can clear the sky in 10 seconds flat
You know she'll always have your back
She'll stick with you till the end
Always loyal to her friends

I just can't get her out of my head
When I see her I'm filled with dread
She's in the clouds
And I'm stuck on the floor
I can't fight this feeling anymore

I just can't get her off my mind


I try to speak but but no words come to mind
Its hard to think when she flies by
I wish I could make her see
Just how much she means to me

She makes me feel alive


She'll never let you down
She'll always be around
Just in case you fall down
Flyin oh so high
A rainbow in the sky

Track Name: Fluttershy
A beautiful heart, so strong and true
A gentle touch that I always turn to, yeah, she helps me pull through
These walls that I built up around
Crumble down with that wondrous sound: this timid voice that I've found
Her head upon my shoulder...
As she whispers in my ear...

The hurt we keep inside, it burns
And when we never speak, we learn
Our silence has more power than we realize
But when we let it out, and cry
And through tears we speak our minds
And find the words that ring true to our heart
Every day becomes better than the last

Her words, so soft, a pleasant plea
She voiced those thoughts that lived inside of me, let my feelings flow free
I face my pain by letting go
Put trust in fate and now I always have hope. I no longer need to be alone
Cuz her head's upon my shoulder...
As she whispers in my ear...

And to this day; I shall remember~
So far away; A time I never will let go~
I thought I should break; Out of my shell~
Thank you my beautiful filly, for showing me the way~
Your words will always be with me, thank you my dear
Track Name: Little Sparrow
Little sparrow in the tree
If you could see the world like me
You would wonder why you even carry on...

And as you flutter down
Picking grubs out of the ground
I can't help but think my existence here is wrong--

Because I watch the trees brace themselves against the wind
I see the salmon as they struggle up the stream
And the winds clear the clouds as a brand new day begins
And I just notice everyday--

There's more of us, and less of you...
Track Name: Alone
When you feel betrayed
A path has been laid:
Temptation, rage, and jealousy
But if you trot that path
Negativity attracts
And further from your friends you will be

Turmoil behind your eyes
Take off to the skies!

You think you can leave loneliness behind
But high up in the sky, you're left with just your mind
And all these thoughts you tried to leave behind
Intensify.... intensify!

You think they've turned on you
As all sight fades to blue
A sky as distant as the lie
But colors aren't as bright
When looked at without light
Perception has been tainted by the eye

In flight, your escape
Push away the mistakes!


Push it harder / Don't reveal
Flap those wings / The pain you feel
Your ears ring / Deny the truth
Your body sinks / It's only you

Track Name: Springtime in Maryland
It's been a while since I've been down this road
A long winter in Ontario cold
But as snow thaws, hearts mend
And what we thought was the end
Is no longer the end


A time to grow as green leaves emerge
Warm winds replace the cold
And cherry blossoms bloom as old love begins anew
My heart is there with you
Springtime in Maryland.

Stopped for coffee up in Lewis Run
Felt like my journey had only just begun
Trees and mountains ascend
New memories just around the bend
On my way to you...



Seven hours, I'm so close to home
Out of state, I feel so very alone
But now together, we're one
Our love was never undone
I hold you in my arms...


Track Name: Something Special
There’s something about her
The glow that surrounds her
The smile she flashes
It’s like we’re playing with matches
She lights one up, throws it on my gas-soaked heart and then...
Walks away, as if something special never happened today

Her boy-cut hair, her cut-up jeans
The only one I’ve ever seen
That made me feel this way
Since what’s-her-name back when I was sixteen
Her pretty face, her amber eyes
All the little lies she tells me...
She always tells me what I need to hear

She’s the spark in the fire that keeps it burning
She’s the force that makes the world keep on turning
She makes my heart keep on yearning,
I keep on yearning, I keep on...
She’s the autumn rain after a hot long summer
She makes me feel unlike any other
She’s not polite, she’s always right
And I can’t believe I’m with her tonight

She has a power
I've been thinking for hours
The way that she makes me
It makes me go crazy
She’ll say one world and I’ll fall to my knees, oh it’s...
A moment of weakness—that happens time and time again


Her skater shoes, her black tank top
How she never stops
I’ll always love her
I’m always thinking of her
Despite her ways
She’s always there for me in times of need
She may be trouble, but she helps me when I stumble